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Artist's Statement


As an anthropologist and visual artist, my field work in ergological folklore took me to different groups of potters not only in my country but also in Chile, Mexico and Haiti. I was affected by the same simple vessels that were used in everyday life and for religious rituals. Their use of Raku, Saggar, Barrel and Pit firing fascinated me. Their vessels were more than just pots, they told stories, and they were timeless and universal.

I have always derived pleasure from creating something with my hands; my work derives from my passion with clay, the simple forms, the playful parts, the subtle balance and contrasts in color and texture. My ceramics contain a short history through their creation and production process, every piece has its own origin and evolution, its own story full of symbols and contrasts.

My long trajectory in the investigation of indo-Afro-American groups has given me the opportunity to develop my unique style in the design of my artwork.




Ciptaningsun - Risang Yuwono.
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