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1979  Ceramic workshops in Florence, Italy.


1971  Graduate in ceramics, School of Fine Arts Cali, Colombia.


1968  Fine Arts Institute of Popular culture. Cali, Colombia.


1962  Degree in Anthropology, Universidad Nacional, Bogota Colombia.



2019 Honorable Mention Award ,Ink & Clay 44 

2017 Jury Choice Purchase Award, Ink & Clay 43

2017 Jury Choice Award, Ink & Clay 43

2014 Jury Choice Award, Ink & Clay 40

1970  First prize, Museum of Modern Art, Bogotá, Colombia.

1970  Honorable mention, Hall of Ervico, Bogotá, Colombia.

1969  First National Prize, Art Festival, Cali Colombia.

1968  Second prize , Biennial of Art, Medellin Colombia.





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2019 Ink & Clay 44, Kellogg Gallery

2017 Ink & Clay 43, Kellogg Gallery

2016 Ink & Clay 42, Kellogg Gallery

2015 Ink & Clay 41, Kellogg Gallery

2014 Ink & Clay 40, Kellogg Gallery

2002  Archaeological Museum La Merced, Cali, Colombia.

1987  Exhibition Hall Credential Bank.

1984  Museum La Tertulia, Cali Colombia.

1981  Museo Rayo, Roldanillo, Colombia.

1,979  Houseware Fair, Frankfort, Germany.

1.976  Guest artist, Miami tourism Congress. U.S.A.

1974  Guest artist, Congress of Tourism, Lima, Peru.

1971  School of Fine Arts, Cali Colombia.

1,970  Salon Ervico, Bogotá, Colombia.

1970.  Museum of modern art, Bogota. Colombia.

1969  City Solar, Cali. Colombia.

1.969  Art Festival, Cali, Colombia.

1968  Biennial of Art Medellin, Colombia.

1968  State Library, Tulua, Colombia.







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1980-84  Director of International Festival of Folk art, Cali fair. Colombia. 

1980     Main Member Committee of Art , Fair of Cali. Cali, Colombia.

1971-73  Coordinator Festival of Opera, Cali Colombia.

1972-75  Assistance in design for potters in Boyaca, Tolima, Cauca and Nariño, Colombia S.A.





1994     General Director Fair of Cali. Cali, Colombia.

1978-02  Owner Misag Ltda.

1975-79  Professor of Cultural Extension, Universidad del Valle. Cali, Colombia.

1972-74  Professor  Casa de la Cultura, Buga. Colombia.

1972     Founder  Asomusica, Cali Colombia.

1971-73 Workshop professor of Municipal art. Cali, Colombia.

1971-73  Professor of Artistic Workshop Carvajal y CIA. Cali, Colombia.

1971-72  Coordination Festival of music, Musical society Daniels.

1970-75 Director of the Gallery of Popular Art, Tourism Corporation. Cali Colombia.









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